Checkmate Necklace Lapis


Checkmate Necklace is made with natural stones, freshwater pearls, and clear quartz. These different materials consist of qualities to absorb, reflect, and refract. We wanted a bring these energies to, hopefully, guide wearers to recognize patterns and tactics to eventually win. Just like delivering the checkmate.


Materials: Lapis Lazuli stones, freshwater pearls, clear quartz, brass plated with white rhodium, and 925 sterling silver 
Size: Available in 3 sizes (all with 4.5cm adjustable chain)

  • Small: 38cm ~ 41cm / 15" ~ 16"
  • Medium: 41cm ~ 45cm / 16" ~ 17.7"
  • Large: 45cm ~ 49cm / 17.7" ~ 19.3"


How to make your jewelry last long:
1. Keep it in a box provided or an air-tight bag when not wearing
2. Take it off when you exercise/shower/swim
3. Be gentle with it 🖤

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