Brand Story

JIWON CHOI’s spirit is to channel love, heartbreak, insecurities, and confidence into jewelry designs. Inspired by pop culture and real-life experiences, JIWON CHOI aims to create jewelry that are amulets to bad days and reminders of self-care. All of the jewelry pieces are hand-made at our workshop in the heart of Seoul.

“Making jewelry is to visualize the things that cannot be told. I want to articulate complex emotions through sculptural forms.”


All of the pieces are made by Korean artisans; preserving local craftsmen and supporting their skill set is an important mission of JIWON CHOI.

About the Designer

While studying at Ecole Cantonale d'art de Lausanne(ÉCAL) in Switzerland, Jiwon’s design was selected for production by Pascale Mussard of the French luxury brand, Hermès - the petit h department. Jiwon has translated leather and cashmere scarves into playful animal masks - she then realized that fashion accessories are the perfect medium to express her humors and ideas. In 2017, Jiwon Choi established her namesake jewelry brand in Seoul to share her vision for fashion jewelry: fun, naive, and pop. Her jewelry has shown in Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo and London Fashion Week. Jiwon continues to create jewelry inspired by her relationships, travels, and daydreams.