Handmade wearable art

Every piece by JIWON CHOI features semi-precious stones, crystals, metals, and precious metals. All JIWON CHOI pieces are authentic, handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces created in our studio in Seoul, South Korea. Producing our jewelry locally in Seoul allows to personally observe every piece prior to sending them out of our studio along with supporting the local economy and community.

JIWON CHOI jewelry are all manufactured by hand; therefore, there are some minor variances in charms and stones. The care must be taken as you would with any fine jewelry. Please do not expose your JIWON CHOI jewelry directly to water, especially salt water, as this will degrade the metal and stone discoloration to some charms. 

If you have any issues with your JIWON CHOI jewelry, please contact us and we will do our best to solve the situation and accommodate your request. Thank you for your support. 


How to take care of your jewelry

Many of our products are plated and this means that there is a layer of gold, or white gold or rhodium on top of the core material. Despite the high quality of the manufacturing process, the layer of gold can get thinner after a lot of wearing and even the core material can be exposed at the surface. Please take good care of your product following these below:

  • Please store your piece in a jewelry box or our its original box.

  • Please do not store your piece under the direct sunlight or in humid space such as in the bathroom

  • Please do not let your piece to get exposed to water such as wearing it while doing the dishes or taking a hot shower

  • Please clean your piece with a jewelry-cleaning cloth to take off stains or to polish them to shine bright again

  • Please remind yourself that your jewelry need to be taken care of!