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Fully Charged Mask Strap


[Limited Edition]

*Free shipping if you order a set of 5 straps!

We wanted to make a mask super fun to wear and make it stay as close as possible so we don't forget. Fully Charged Mask Strap is made with a soft fabric cord with some flexibility. It has a hint of the metallic streak either in gold or silver. The cord has two clasps which are brass dipped in white rhodium at the end to hold your mask. You can also adjust your own length by utilizing an opaque white stopper. This product has some elasticity to the cord, unlike the Sugar High Mask Strap(rainbow). Available in 5 different colors. Nickle-free. 

- Colors: Hot Pink, Ocean Blue, Mint Green, Lavender, Black

How to wear your mask strap:

1. Lock your mask string by sliding it into the clasp

2. Wear it around your neck

3. Stay safe!

Length: 50cm ~ 54cm (adjustable)

-> If necessary, you can customize your own length via hello@jiwonchoi.com

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