GQ Korea - K-pop Idol's Top 5 Trendy Brands

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Editor: Jiyoon Park

Title: K-pop Idol's Tope 5 Trendy Brands

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Jiwon Choi: The Brand Chosen by Post Malone, Lizzo, Kai, and NewJeans

Discovering just how hot a brand is can often be gauged by its lineup, and in the case of Jiwon Choi, it's nothing short of extraordinary. Jiwon Choi, an art jewelry designer based in Seoul, embarked on her journey into the world of jewelry with her eponymous brand following the 2016 Hermes workshop.

From the angel earrings she designed for Post Malone's recent music video, 'I Like You,' to custom necklaces adorned with thousands of crystals in the shape of rabbits, and even a keyring for a Nike campaign, Choi's creative prowess knows no bounds. A brief scroll through Jiwon Choi's Instagram feed is enough to witness the remarkable growth of this brand.

From the outset with the Hermes workshop to now being featured in the creations of global icons like Post Malone, Lizzo, Kai, and association with the legacy of NewJeans, Jiwon Choi's jewelry is making waves in the world of fashion and art. Follow her journey on Instagram @jiwonchoijewelry.


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