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Kairo Rope Chain NecklaceKairo Rope Chain Necklace
Kairo Rope Chain Necklace Sale priceFrom $200
Stars Align NecklaceStars Align Necklace
Stars Align Necklace Sale price$480
Sakura NecklaceSakura Necklace
Sakura Necklace Sale price$185
Sea Nymph Necklace BlueSea Nymph Necklace Blue
Sea Nymph Necklace Blue Sale priceFrom $950
Shruggie Pavé Chain NecklaceShruggie Pavé Chain Necklace
Bisous Ring Black Mother of Pearl
Guardian Angel EarringsGuardian Angel Earrings
Guardian Angel Earrings Sale priceFrom $185
Waltzer Earrings Blue LagoonWaltzer Earrings Blue Lagoon
Cadeau Necklace PeridotCadeau Necklace Peridot
Cadeau Necklace Rhodolite GarnetCadeau Necklace Rhodolite Garnet
Cadeau Necklace Clear QuartzCadeau Necklace Clear Quartz
Cadeau Necklace London Blue TopazCadeau Necklace London Blue Topaz
Axel Flat Curb Chain NecklaceAxel Flat Curb Chain Necklace
Axel Flat Curb Chain Necklace Sale priceFrom $145
Leman Necklace CarnelianLeman Necklace Carnelian
Leman Necklace Carnelian Sale priceFrom $160
Leman Necklace Peruvian OpalLeman Necklace Peruvian Opal
Leman Necklace MoonstoneLeman Necklace Moonstone
Chrissy Flat Curb Chain NecklaceChrissy Flat Curb Chain Necklace
Dona Flat Curb Chain NecklaceDona Flat Curb Chain Necklace
Dona Flat Curb Chain Necklace Sale priceFrom $185
Leman Ring MoonstoneLeman Ring Moonstone
Leman Ring Moonstone Sale price$245
Bisous Ring White Mother of Pearl
Bisous Ring Rhodolite GarnetBisous Ring Rhodolite Garnet
Crystal Vortex Ring Jet BlackCrystal Vortex Ring Jet Black
Crystal Vortex Ring Aqua BlueCrystal Vortex Ring Aqua Blue
American Boy NecklaceAmerican Boy Necklace
American Boy Necklace Sale price$180
Hot Potato NecklaceHot Potato Necklace
Hot Potato Necklace Sale price$200
Lucid NecklaceLucid Necklace
Lucid Necklace Sale priceFrom $235
Big Wave NecklaceBig Wave Necklace
Big Wave Necklace Sale price$195
Bubbly Hoops SmallBubbly Hoops Small
Bubbly Hoops Small Sale price$300
Bubbly Hoops MediumBubbly Hoops Medium
Bubbly Hoops Medium Sale price$350
Bubbly Hoops LargeBubbly Hoops Large
Bubbly Hoops Large Sale price$380
Ingela Hoops GoldIngela Hoops Gold
Ingela Hoops Gold Sale price$180
Ingela Hoops SilverIngela Hoops Silver
Ingela Hoops Silver Sale price$180
Caspian Earrings Gold VermeilCaspian Earrings Gold Vermeil
Caspian Earrings SilverCaspian Earrings Silver
Eye Candy Earrings MalachiteEye Candy Earrings Malachite
Eye Candy Earrings WhiteEye Candy Earrings White
Eye Candy Earrings BlueEye Candy Earrings Blue
Korean Classic Nameplate BraceletKorean Classic Nameplate Bracelet
Afterlife RingAfterlife Ring
Afterlife Ring Sale price$200
Checkmate Necklace LapisCheckmate Necklace Lapis
Braceface Pinky RingBraceface Pinky Ring
Braceface Pinky Ring Sale price$180
Nice Teeth Pinky RingNice Teeth Pinky Ring
Nice Teeth Pinky Ring Sale price$180
Peace and Love EarringsPeace and Love Earrings
Buttercup NecklaceButtercup Necklace
Buttercup Necklace Sale priceFrom $295
Checkmate Necklace OnyxCheckmate Necklace Onyx
Braceface RingBraceface Ring
Braceface Ring Sale price$230
Nice Teeth RingNice Teeth Ring
Nice Teeth Ring Sale priceFrom $230
Warrior Nameplate Chain NecklaceWarrior Nameplate Chain Necklace