Jiwon Choi Jewelry

Catalina Choker


Catalina Choker is inspired by glittering effects on the water on a nice summer’s day. 


Material: 925 Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil, Jeweler's Brass, Freshwater Pearls
Length: Available in 2 different sizes.

  • Tight Choker: 36cm (4.5cm adjustable) / 14.17" (1.77" adjustable)
  • Loose Choker: 38cm (4.5cm adjustable) / 15" (1.77" adjustable)

Pearl Size: Approximately 1.7cm / 0.66"
Note: We have Catalina Choker Petite with a smaller pearl size.


1. Keep it in a box provided or an air-tight bag when not wearing
2. Take it off when you exercise/shower/swim
3. Be gentle with it 🖤


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