Happy Ending Earrings


Happy Ending Earrings are stud-type knotted ends with sparkly details. These chubby hand-formed knots with bezel mounts are finished with white cubic zirconia. 

Brass, 925 Sterling silver, White Cubic Zirconia, White Palladium

2 options for silver-tone <Happy Ending Earrings>:
[Option 1: Palladium-Plated Brass] For sensitive ears, the posts are made of 925 sterling silver and the body of the earrings is made with brass dipped in white palladium. 

[Option 2: 925 Sterling Silver] The whole earrings are made of solid 925 sterling silver which is a bit pale and lighter than the palladium-plated brass. The 925 sterling silver pieces get plated with white palladium for easier jewelry care and they come with a complimentary silver polishing cloth from England. 


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