Knotty Earrings Small Silver


[High Voltage Collection]

Inspired by Shibari which is a type of Japanese bondage that has a tendency to heal anxiety and stress. The particular knot is mimicking the most useful knot for rock climbing "Bowline Knot." The knot has the virtues of being both easy to tie and untie. It is known to tie with just one hand as well. 

2 options for silver-tone <Knotty Earrings>:

Option 1: The earring posts are made of 925 Sterling silver for sensitive ears and the forms are made with brass dipped in white palladium. 

Option 2: The whole earrings are made of solid 925 sterling silver which is pale and lighter than the white palladium. The 925 Sterling silver version comes with a complimentary silver polishing cloth from England. 

They are all handmade at our workshop.

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